Q. Hello will you please introduce yourself?
My name is Marco Lavanna , I am one of the shareholders of V-Money and also one of the directors. I also own and operate some trusted and well established exchange websites like GoldEx Buy / Sell / Exchange e-gold and other Currencies and Pay By Gold
Q. What makes V-Money unique from other e-currencies?
We have a very easy user interface, low fees, a number of merchant tools and a huge experience in the market.
Q. Will you allow high yield investment programs and autosurfs to use V-Money as their payment processor?
We are incorporated and operate out of Panama which has no specific legislation restricting or prohibiting the activities you refer to. Some users in specific countries may want to make sure that THEIR legislation allows them to participate in such websites though.
Q. Can you give us a comment about the current E-gold fiasco?
I think EGold has done very much for this industry and the pressure on them has nothing to do with the reasons that are given to us, the general public. I trust they will continue their legal battle until the time their legitimacy will be recognized.
Q. Do you plan to release mass payment,automatic payment and shopping cart scripts to improve the merchants experience?
We already have a shopping cart and also an XML interface that allows to merchant to automate a number of tasks, down to balance checking
Q. In your opinion what makes V-Money.net the best e-currency?
We are a truly offshore operation, not just a shelf company, we have an office and staff in Panama, our servers are in Panama , and we hold a commercial license in Panama to process person to person and bill payments online. We have a huge experience in this arena via our exchange businesses.
Q Do you accept direct fundings from clients?
No we donít, we rely entirely on third party exchangers, including of course our own pre existing exchange operations, to move funds in and out of the VMoney system. The only exception will be an Electronic Mastercard which is being integrated into the VMoney backend and will allow users to withdraw funds directly from their VMoney account to the card.
Q. Would you like to say something to our readers?
We are working to adding EUR as a currency, as well as additional account security features. Also we would like to stress that VMoney has no link with jurisdictions that have strict legislations against our type of business, none of the directors is a citizen or a resident of such countries, no data is stored in such countries and no funds backing the system are kept in any such country.