What is EVDC? 🔋
EVDC is a decentralized token that is used as a digital currency to pay for electric cars supercharging.
Mobile app development release: 01-09-2021

💡How to buy with BNB
Visit https://evdc.network for full instructions on how to Buy.

Crowdsale: 0x4FeE679e15b05524431d75C017A8793fC706d6c9

Token Address: 0xf09611a964535b32285bFf5fCf9937C52BaB8ea5

🎯Website: https://evdc.network
🎯Smart Contract Publishing: Done
🎯Token Contract deployment: Done
🏆Private sale: Currently

Presale ETH Crowd-sale: 0xDe5Bbd8643a9C1eedd23074938906386424C428D
Send ETH to the Crowd-sale address and receive EVDC

Price: 600 000 000 EVDC per 2000$
Token Contract on ETHSCAN: 0x704eae6d452ca63ce479c59727177c5f3ba0d90c
🚀Mobile App pre-order: June 2021🚀

Important links:

🌐Website - https://www.evdc.network

✅Official Telegram Channel - https://t.me/evdctoken

🗞Announcements - https://t.me/evdctoken

Price chat - https://t.me/evdctokenchat

Twitter - https://twitter.com/EVDCT

Facebook: Facebook.com/EVDCTOKEN

Instagram: Instagram.com/EVDCTOKEN

Etherscan: https://etherscan.io/address/0x704ea...177c5f3ba0d90c

Private sale is now opened to everyone.
send ETH here (No minimum) :


Crowdsale: 0x4FeE679e15b05524431d75C017A8793fC706d6c9

Token Address: 0xf09611a964535b32285bFf5fCf9937C52BaB8ea5

Private sale info:
Name: EVDC
Symbol: $EVDC
Total supply: 990000000000000000000000
Private price 1 EVDC = 0.00000296$
Min/Max buy: No limit
Goal: 100 ETH

Start : 2021-03-16
End: When the goal is reached.

Send only ETH (Ethereum network) to


Once the app is released, all user will charge their electric vehicles using the token as currency. The price to charge an EV is 10 tokens.
The price per token on the app will be 1.00$=1 Token

✅To ensure the demand for EVDC only goes up while keeping our community engaged, we ensure partnership with main charging networks. The app release will include all these charging networks:

-United States: 48 439 Charging points
-Germany: 16 000 Charging points
-Netherlands: 14 000 Charging points
-United Kingdom: 9000 Charging points
-Canada: 5000 Charging points

HOW TO BUY INSTRUCTIONS ON WEBSITE: https://evdc.network 🌐

Thank you all if you have any questions we launched
a Telegram public conversation: https://t.me/evdctokenchat