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Today, Iím going to be talking all about how you can get started trading in 2019. Now, this post is going to be mainly for beginners but towards the end, I am going to be giving some pretty basic trading techniques and strategies that you can easily use to make profit even in this market. So letís get started.

Tips of Trading Cryptocurrency Binance in 2020
To start trading in 2019, obviously, there are a few things you need. Iím going to be assuming you already have bought your first bitcoin or not full bitcoin but youíve already bought some bitcoin.

So, after you bought your first bit of bitcoin or Ethereum or whatever you want, then Iím going to assume also that you know how to use an exchange.
For example, I always use Binance, itís probably the best exchange youíve got, the best security, the best token pairings, and coin pairings and overall itís just the best exchange to use.
So Iím going to assume you already know how to use Binance.

Things to be required while Trading
Moving on, I want to talk about a few things that youíre actually going to be needing to trade. Youíre going to usually have to have a bit of Bitcoin on the side.
I usually always trade Bitcoin pairings but you can trade USD T if you really want to. You can trade LikeCoin of all.
Although there arenít as many pairings you can trade an Ethereum but usually if youíre just starting out. I usually stick to bitcoin.

The Key for Trading
Now, why is this key for trading? Well, the thing is if you can actually go ahead and understand whatís coming in the future that may affect the price.
And if you already have this information then thatís going to be very valuable when youíre looking at a chart, for example, every bit of extra information you can get is very vital and very valuable.

How to Trading Cryptocurrency Binance 2020
So starting off, basically when I want to make a trade first, I always go to somewhere like coin market cap.
Right now, we can see that pretty much on the hour. They are a little bit down.
So probably I maybe would be starting to look to what I can trade next maybe not trade now as things look like they are, on the way down unless youíre going to be shorting it.

So, on the one hour chart, we can see here from the back December 24th. We have a massive sell-off of X IP, that could be one of many many reasons. Weíre not going to go with the reasons today but thatís potentially something you could look into before trading it.
So, when I see a massive sell-off like this, I really want to be looking further back than our chart. I want to see where the price action is in comparison to previous highs.

We all relying on this support which is pretty much one of the strongest ones I can see as of yet. And the next level up would most likely be somewhere around 90000 Satoshis on a one hour chart is going to look a lot different.

This is basically just eyeballing it with different levels of support and resistance. This is something you need to get used to doing, playing around with and even if youíre not trading just identifying these different levels and seeing whatís what.
So thatís pretty much for today. If you did want to learn more about trading, definitely check out the bitcoin blueprint.
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