All you need to know about ioox ring:

Ioox coin is a crypto token travelling on Etherium platform. A unique feature of this platform is the versatility it offers with payments available in ioox currency, bitcoin and USD.
One of the significant challenges people used to face with cryptocurrency was how to access their funds. A few years ago, crypto investors could not liquidate their funds without an intermediary. Fortunately, as cryptocurrencies become more widely used, more e-commerce platforms have accepted crypto as a valid means of payment. More online platforms have popped up accepting crypto for their services as more businesses accept cryptocurrencies in exchange for their products and services. Cryptocurrency gets closer to global acceptability. With this acceptability, there’s a need for a more flexible means of payment. Especially in everyday life. If only you could use your crypto reserves to pay for that cup of coffee. Wait, you can!

Introducing the ioox ring:

The ioox ring is the first-ever wearable payment device to make crypto payments. The ioox ring is a wearable payment device delivering funds to vendors in bitcoin, ioox coin and USD. You can now use your crypto funds in your day to day life with no complications.

The ioox ring is portable, it fits on your finger, allowing you to make payments even if you find yourself without a wallet or phone.

No cash, no phone? No worries just pay for that burger with your ioox ring. You do not need to walk around with so much cash. All you need is your ioox ring.
The ioox ring is convenient and versatile. It comes with a mobile app from which you can set daily spending limits, so you dont go over your budget.
You dont need to worry about how much you spend. All you need to do is set your daily limit, and you can make payments on the most useful little things.

Payment options have never been so easy. The ioox coin offers great flexibility ranging from micropayments to online shopping. You can also use ioox to pay for your shopping on online shopping platforms.
Due to its high flexibility and ease of use, ioox is poised to be the next big thing in e-payments all over the world. It in addition to being a great addition to your payment methods able to combine all your funding sources in one place, it is also a pretty trendy fashion accessory. Instead of merely wearing a ring that does nothing other than looking good, you can wear a stylish, yet exceptionally functional device and depend much less on cash payments.
You can use the ioox ring to make micro-payments all day without worrying about change or losing your cash. You can go out without your mobile phone or wallet and make payments on everything you want and need using your ioox ring.
Making online payments or transferring funds can be done using the ioox app or ioox card. Still, for micropayments from small businesses, the ioox ring makes the payment process much more effortless.
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