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    Default 3commas binance review: The best cryptocurrency trading software 2019

    Watch this video
    3Commas Binance Review: Introduction
    Now, if you donít already know what 3Commas is then this is going to be a great post for you because Iím going to go through the basic functions and features that 3Commas has. Also, let you know if itís worth paying a subscription fee and also give you some demos on potential trades and that kind of good stuff.
    But before we start the post let me know down in the comments below if you like the new setup with the lights and everything.
    Let me know down in the comments below when we jump into more technical stuff.

    3Commas Binance Review: Fee
    Iíve been using 3Commas now since around March 2018 or coming up to almost one year now Iíve been using it.
    The subscription fee for some people is a little high personally, but if you work it out over the year I donít actually think itís that bad.
    The subscription fee is around twenty-nine dollars per month or around twenty-two dollars if you pay on a yearly fee, which is not the cheapest but when you take into account the trades that youíre going to be making and the potential profit it can make you are actually not too bad.
    So, what I mean when I talk about this? Basically what I mean is youíve got to work out if the subscription is twenty-nine dollars per month, if you think 3Commas can make twenty-nine dollars per month for you or more.
    Now for me, itís a no brainer. Of course, it can. Having the ability to go to sleep at night with the trade open with a take profit under stop-loss, both itís worth fifty dollars a month for me. Just to have the safety and the security to plan your trades out and execute them all automated.

    3Commas for Binance Basic Plan
    So, what this will get you? it will get you the main functionality which I personally like. which is the set take profit and the stop loss along with the trailing take profit and the trailing stop loss as well.

    3Commas Binance Review: Features & Functionality
    Now weíre inside 3Commas Binance Review. Letís take a little bit of a look at the functionality and some of the features that it has.
    So right now Iím on the main dashboard. This is pretty much where you will be once you sign up and log in.

    Iím currently making two dollars and 19 cent, so Iím currently in a little bit of profit. You can see that we basically have a smart trade.

    So, the overall 3Commas Binance Review is actually pretty good with the smart trade functionality on the Trade Diary and the exchanges and the different portfolio section.
    Itís definitely interesting and it can help improve your trades pretty much tenfold. Just the ability to have the trailing stop loss and the trailing take profit, is a reason in itself to in fact make a 3Commas account.

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    Yes, thank you for the info.

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