In todayís post, Iím going to be reviewing TradeSanta for Binance, a brand new automated crypto trading bot, that is available for free right now to try out and trade the crypto markets 24/7 on autopilot.

So, as you can see, Iím here at the Website right now And basically what Iím going to do is go through the Website and all the aspects of the actual service itself and show you a bit of the background in the actual interface because Iím actually testing it out right now myself.

So, just to give you a quick overview and some things that are key to this service TradeSanta supports the following exchanges right now: Exchange, Bitfinex, Bittrex and hit BTC with more coming soon.

So, itís a super-powerful interface guys but it is very simplified as well so it works for both experienced and beginner traders.
Iíll walk you through the platform but essentially the way this works guys is through an algorithm, which has been developed to support long and short positions, take profits and track progress, use technical indicators and filters and have an unlimited number of bots and trading pairs as well.
Now, if we scroll down here, as you can see right now, there are 3707 active trading bots, over 973977 completed deals and 19091 active users on this platform. (updated 12/08/19)

How to Setup Binance Bot on TradeSanta:

It is very simple though, you can literally set this thing up within 10 minutes. Itís super easy. It works efficiently and has other different features including extra orders, which has a really nice one.

if you can see this schematic basically, what it does, is if the market fluctuates based on your initial strategy, the bot will actually optimize for that and create a new strategy.

There is a lot of things out there to explain this process though if you are unsure or your experience but it is pretty easy. You go to the exchange of choice.

So for me, itís Binance you head over to your API settings any create any API. Now from here, youíll be generated an API key and a secret key as well and you will input them into the TradeSanta for Binance bot.


However, from my experience and the experience of my colleagues as well that Iíve spoken to about crypto trading bots. These things can be very very lucrative guys if you do set them up correctly.

Youíll be very impressed with some of the results that you can obtain.

You can come and check that out as well. I highly recommend it but thatís basically it for TradeSanta. Iím sure you guys will be able to set this up seamlessly if youíd have any problems drop in the comments and Iíll be happy to help.

But there is lots of documentation available for you guys to get help with setting this thing up.

So, jump over to and let me know what you will think.

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