What is EXW Wallet?

EXW Wallet is the solution to the growing problems which are increasing right now in our world. EXW combines the old economy and put them into the new economy. EXW is a global product that already changes our existing system in a totally new way. Efficiency is also a big word in the leading mission of EXW. The Headquarter of EXW Wallet is actually based at Klagenfurt am Woerthersee in Austria, where everybody is sincerely welcome to visit our office and we are open to answer every question from you.EXW was launched in August 2019 and has a corporate Team of more than 100 coworkers. We are still just in our Pre Launch Phase.
The Leading Corporate Team of EXW Wallet are the Founder Benjamin Herzog which is also the head of Viva Payment Exchange. Manuel Batista and Pirmin Troger are the Co Founders which are the head behind the company Nauka, the educational part and ecosystem/product part of EXW Wallet.


Our Token is a ERC 20 Token which is based on the Etherchain. We offer the possibility to receive bonus up to 0.32% daily - up to 0-10.7% monthly, up to 0-221% yearly. Thatís just a reference point from our side what we are providing for you. It is based on the concept of changing Fiat currency, bitcoin or ethereum in the EXW Token, deposit the EXW Token in the so called Bonus wallet and by holding the Token the client get the daily bonus.Eco System

Our Eco System is based on the Exchange which can be used for BTC/ ETH & FIAT. A part of the bonus we offer is coming from the exchange fees, the exchange is used also from third party companies in form of white label. Another important part is coming from the trading that our partner company from London is making for us. You have also the possibility to look into our Trading Reports which are very transparent and allows us to give the security which everybody needs. The next great big thing will be the EXW Payment which includes POS System all over the world and gives us the change to implement our Token into the world and into the shops. Another evolution is our own Credit Card which has the potential to combine the old and the new economy because we are unique in that area. The Card will be based on a method that is called EXW Cloud Payment and how unique we are in everything this card will be connected with a sepa bank account that in this form doesnít exist on the market. Our long term car rental is another milestone that is a Game Changer because everyone has the potential to get his very own dream car, paying the monthly rental fee from the bonus wallet. Our Flight Program allows people to book flights directly with EXW in the whole world.