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    Default The Betcoin Casino ICO: An efficient way to Invest, Bet and Win

    Even in its initial stage, blockchain has already proven effective and shown its disruptive potential in finance, insurance, trading and intellectual property, now it is time for the global betting industry to be tested by this new technology. Betcoin developed its own blockchain-based sportsbook and casino platform that will enable decentralized borderless betting for everyone. This new blockchain-based platform is built to reinvent the way online betting industry operates by addressing the shortcoming of the current betting industry. Betcoin aims to tackle betting industry known issues such as high fees, unfair odds, poor security, Outdated payment methods and tax evasion, by implementing the trust, security and immutability benefits that a blockchain network brings. Why Betcoin Casino

    While online betting platforms already exist, there is clear lack of platforms that uses the blockchain technology, a technology that bring fairness, security, privacy and freedom to the betting industry. The is why betcoin casino steps to bring in the blockchain to betting industry. Betcoin's team feels that this decentralized platform will change the nature of betting, making it more fun, secure and private. The team take advantage of the blockchain and smart contracts for security and transparency. What Is the BET Token?

    Betcoin Token or the BET, is an ERC20 token and will be the primary mode of payment for making bets on the Betcoin platform. Every single transaction will uses the BET token. BET token uses Ethereum blockchain to store data and record transactions made on the platform. The other coin to be found as payment mode on the platform is Bitcoin. How Can You Get the BET Token?

    The pre-ICO sale for the BET token is going to being on 1st October, 2019 where the token will be available at the cost of $0.0025. The Pre-ICO phase is a month-long and will end on 31st October, 2019. The private presale is currently in progress and includes a huge bonus, you can contact the team at [email protected] to get token with huge bonuses before the start of public sale. You can also get BET tokens via the bounty program, which is about to start. 15,000,000 BET tokes are allocated for bonuses and bounty program, get yours now. The Betcoin Casino ICO Phase

    The ICO phase of the BET token sale is scheduled to start on 1st November, 2019 after a month-long pre-ICO phase. The 3 months long ICO phase is breaked into 6 phases, each have a specific amount of token allocated. The number of tokens allocated and price for the BET token is set for each phase of the ICO as below:
    1st Phase = $0.005 (Total No. of BET Token 10,000,000)
    2nd Phase = $0.01 (Total No. of BET Token 10,000,000)
    3rd Phase = $0.015 (Total No. of BET Token 10,000,000)
    4th Phase = $0.025 (Total No. of BET Token 10,000,000)
    5th Phase = $0.04 (Total No. of BET Token 5,000,000)
    6th Phase = $0.05 (Total No. of BET Token 5,000,000)

    Useful links

    Betcoin Platform:
    Betcoin ICO website:

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    Frankly speaking, we should really be wise with our investment, as that’s kind of way we will benefit the most. It’s not the easiest of things to do but doable with proper research.

    I personally have great preference for Upcoming ICOs, as it’s kind of option that can be seriously beneficial and we should just make sure we are focusing on that aspect. As once we do that, it will certainly help us a lot and will allow the working to be easier.

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