Depositing money in your bank account is boring, especially now that the internet is booming with lots of investment opportunities. Like any investment undertaking, cryptocurrencies and its related products can be risky; however it is worth the try.

The philosophy of crowdfunding is “let’s do it together”. The idea is not only about micro-financing with the help of public funds as it also concerns the involvement of a large number of people into a project’s realization, getting customers’ feedback, testing and promoting new products. The beauty of crowdfunding is that companies can get funds, sponsors, and make investments entirely without the mediation of banks, stock exchanges or venture funds.

So What’s Million Dollar Crypto Site All About?
The Million Dollar Crypto Site is like a crowdfunding platform where you contribute to the realization of the owner’s dream. The concept is basically to promote cryptocurrencies, its related technology, as well startups. They advertise the most popular cryptos in exchange for pixels. The money realized in this project would be used to develop stunning ideas, help different communities, and also promote the platform on other forums/websites.

If you are passionate to get started, feel free to follow Million Dollar Crypto Site on Twitter. You can also check their website for more information on how to participate or buy pixels.