I thought you guys would like it:

Energi cryptocurrency team is giving away 100NRG coins per person in form of an airdrop. Also, if you register from a ref link, you get 10NRG more:

That's 110NRG in total, and one NRG coin is $2.18, so you get $240. All you have to do is create an account and complete 11 tasks, or at least 2, but then your reward will be smaller. The tasks are basically things, like comment and retweet a post, or something similar. Energi is in top 130 on coinmarketcap, so I guess that means something, too :D
And it's already on a couple exchanges, so nothing can stop you from just selling it right after distribution (I'll keep some of mine though)

If you're having trouble at any point during the process, you can see here for instructions:

Or just join their discord and get proffessional help.
The whole thing is legit, round 1 of the airdrop has already happened and everyone got their coins.