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EthKassa is an investment project with a yield of 3% to 5.5% per day, with an automatic interest rate balancing system, implemented on the Ethereum smart contract.
A smart contract or a smart contract is a computer program that concludes and guarantees the execution of contracts without the risk of losing the amount of their investments.
The EthKassa contract is uploaded to the network of the air, which guarantees its performance. Such a contract works without people, automatically, it can neither be changed nor deleted. Due to this, the algorithm allows you to earn from 3% to 5.5% per day from the use of funds of new investors.

The contract is absolutely transparent: at any time you can see your payments, the total amount of investment in the project or the distribution of the fund's funds. At the same time, the code itself is also fully open: you can read it and make sure that the declared functions are executed.

The contract cannot be neither disconnected nor changed, it is guaranteed that it will perform the actions recorded in its code. The 100% distribution of payments between depositors is set initially and cannot be changed. Thanks to this, an absolute honesty of the project is achieved: the creator of a smart contract cannot affect his work in any way, cannot withdraw money. All actions of all parties to the contract are open and visible in the Ethereum blockchain.

Thanks to the computer environment in which he works, he will be able to work forever as long as there is money on his balance.

Investment Plans

Min Investment:Any Eth

Max Investment:Any Eth


Payment System: