Automated transactions donít make sense to us because of the reasons below:

We deal with human beings who want to buy or sell. For demand and supply to make sense, there must be a willing buyer for what you want to sell. There must also be a willing seller for what you want to buy.

As stated on our website, contact us before you send any e-currency to us. After we ask you to go ahead, then send it to us and hold on for your payment. Likewise, when you contact us first before buying e-currency from us, you can be sure that weíll process your order fast (once your payment has been confirmed).

There are times when we donít want to buy a particular digital currency. We tell you this. There are also times when we donít have the digital currency you want to buy. We also tell you this, so that you wonít send money to us when we donít have what you want to buy.

There are times when en exchanger doesnít have enough cash to pay you because the capital has been tied down. Youíll send money to them through automated order and your payment would be delayed for several days or months? Is that what you want?

Even if your payment would be delayed for several days, there must be a mutual agreement first. Then you can go ahead to place the order if the agreement is OK by you.

Many people have blindly sent digital currencies to exchangers who do automated transactions, only to see that you donít get paid. They display their e-currencies/digital currencies wallets for you to see so that itíll be easier to send funds to them. But youíll see that itís never easy for you to get your money. Youíll face unpleasant surprises.

There are people who end up receiving only half of their monies after theyíve been delayed for many weeks or months. Some would even be thankful that they receive half.

When you transfer cash to buy digital currencies that are not currently available, you deliberately give yourself unnecessary heartaches (because youíll be delayed for too long, whereas your need for the digital currency is urgent). Itís good to ensure that an exchanger has what you want to buy, +the exact amount, before you send your money to them.

If you send money to any exchanger (no matter how popular) that doesnít have a physical address you can visit, youíll regret it forever, we guarantee you. Some even display fake addresses.

At ItuGlobal/InstantForex, we encourage our customers to inform us before they buy or sell digital currencies. Weíll then tell them to go ahead and how soon weíll process their orders. By doing this, we donít delay any customers or make them regret doing business with us.

Weíre the fastest-paying exchanger in the country. No-one pays faster than us and our customers know this.

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