Now available for ROIC Members - Offshore (EU) Master Debit card
With IBAN account Attached. No ID needed for Lite activation
but limited to 2500 Euro per year usage.

Full activation with ID and utility
bill allows 10,000 Euro max balance per card.
Fresh Cards with 2 year validity.
Limited Stock - 15 cards available get them while you can!
Will replenish stock once this one is out.

Has online banking and management capabilities.

Loading Done by bank wire only, ecurrency possible in the future.

Bank collects all data and issues pin after activation. We dont hold or
collect this information.

$90 each includes International Registered Airmail Delivery
For EMS add $25 for a Total of $115 USD
Airmail take about 14 business days anywhere in the world shipping from Asia.

Card will be shipped 24 -48 hours after payment.
Upon request, card # info and activation instruction can be sent
via email after you order to use as VCC until you get the physical card.

We accept liberty reserve, verified paypal ( 7 day hold )
and moneybookers for the cards.

Order Here :

You will get your card in a sealed envelope. Pin is issued by bank when you activate so no chance of anyone knowing your pin.

Card Fees are as follows:

Monthly fee 1,00*
Recharge 0,10
Internet banking free
Phone banking free
Interest rate 0.00%
Maximum limit FULL 10.000,00
Maximum limit LIGHT 2.500,00
Card use FULL unlimited
Card use LIGHT 2.500,00/yr
Payment services
Money transfer on line from bank account to card 0,99*
Money transfer online from card to card 0,99*
Wire transfer to our own bank account 0,00*
Wire transfer 0,99*
Utilities 0,99*
Postal order 1,49*
Electronic bank order 0,99*
Direct debit 1,49*
Purchasing and ATM services
Buying POS, Internet, MasterCard circuit free
Buying in foreign currency 1,50%
ATM Withdrawals of cash in Euro 2,00
ATM Withdrawals of cash not in Euro 5,00
Other services
Card Block 0,50
Terminate card 3,00
Online banking 0,00
Statement by post (only by request ) 1,50**

Pictures of the card you will receive here (card # cut out for security) :

Questions? Please submit a support ticket with us here for best response: