I was very happy with my XLcard, when they decided to suspend the loading with e-gold, I was very offset about it.

I FOUND A WAY TO CONTINUE USING THEM, FUNDING WITH e-gold :-)) (I used their services some time ago to exchange e-gopld for picpay) is GDCA registered, is offering a new debit card that can be used to make online purchases, I had the premonition that the issuer could be the same of XLcards (First Federal Bank in Texas) and asked them if they can send funds to the XLcards. They confirmed that their issuer is the same and asked them about my inquiere. THEY CONFIRMED TO ME THAT THEY CAN LOAD FUNDS INTO YOUR XLCARD WITH e-gold and ebullion :-))

Please spread the new to other forums and friends to let XLcard owners know of this alternative.