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The loyalty business model is a business model used in strategic management in which company resources are employed so as to increase the loyalty of customers and other stakeholders in the expectation that corporate objectives will be met or surpassed. A typical example of this type of model is: quality of product or service leads to customer satisfaction, which leads to customer loyalty, which leads to profitability.
Payment system Perfect Money and Internet Business are complementary concepts. We aim at making payments for merchandise and services on the Internet maximum profitable for any business working with Perfect Money. We do not propose any abstract solutions and perspectives for you and your business projects. We offer you a concrete business suite and technical solutions to run business on the Internet.

We are open for any online business and offer the following partnership opportunities:
I. Reward to all partners of Perfect Money or a discount to all your customers
We are ready to motivate our partners by paying rewards depending on turnover of the business, average price of the service rendered to the clients and a number of transactions within one month.
Perfect Money has an individual approach to each business project and computes the reward using formulas created for each project separately considering the all business properties listed above for each business partner.Rewards are calculated every month, thus in the end of each month partners get a bonus varying from 0.5% to 5% of a monthly turnover. These opportunities let you not only to get bonuses from your partnership with Perfect Money but also to provide a discount to all your clients when they pay for your goods and service with Perfect Money e-currency.
Example: During a month your clients have transferred $10,000 to your Perfect Money account as a payment for some services rendered. You also made some transaction in your account and sent several transfers totaled $100,000. Besides all those things the number of transaction in your account has reached some definite limit. If Analysis Department judging on the turnover, service costs and the number of transactions of your business sets a 2% bonus, you will get 2% of $110,000 to your account, i.e. your bonus will be $2,200.

II. Reward to site owners with logo of Perfect Money
Placing of Perfect Money logo on the sites more or less related to e-commerce, electronic currencies, economics or finance is rewarded.
You need just to place on your site our 150x75 sized logo which can be found in section Affiliate Program and put a link to our site. Once having placed the logo you will get a monthly reward calculated as follows: $20 x PR rank of your site. Please note that each site is considered individually. PR rank of the site should be 2 or higher. In case if we find that your site meets all our requirements we will make monthly payments to your account for the presence of Perfect Money logo on your site.
Example: You have got a site with a high traffic. Your site has, let's say, PR = 5. To participate in this program you need to file an application. If administration approves your application you will need to place a 150x75 logo of Perfect Money on your site and let us know. Once the logo is put on your site you will be paid a bonus calculated as follows: $20 x 5 (since PR of your site is 5) = $100.

III. Individual referral system for Partners of the system
Each partner of the system who has integrated API Merchant of Perfect Money in his/her site may apply for participation in Luxe Affiliate Program. What is required?

Just create an application and place promotion materials of Perfect Money with your referral link.
Luxe affiliate program has been created with consideration of all nuances of your business. We have considered all the following characteristics:
Number of the customers referred by referral program
Monthly balances of your referrals
When the balance of referral reaches the amount set
Number of transactions conducted by referrals
Number of referrals referred by your referrals

So, considering all the items listed above we pay rewards to your accounts.
Please note that partners of Perfect Money who participate in the program get a higher interest the rate which is calculated individually!
Example: In this program you may get various bonuses from the balances of your referrals depending on parameters you choose. So, let's say, the administration of Perfect Money has set you a 3% bonus of the balances. It means that at the end of the month the company will calculate all the balances of your referrals and pay you your interest. E.g., the total amount of all minimal bonuses is $50,000. So when the month ends you will get 3% of $50,000 that is $1500.

IV. Free implementation of API Merchant or a consultation with providing a detailed solution
Perfect Money system will be pleased to help all its customers who wish to implement API Merchant absolutely free of charge.
To get a free help from the Company specialists submit application. First, please follow the detailed instructions which can be found on our site. You also may write any questions to our Technical support service and our specialists will answer all your questions on implementation of API Merchant.
Example: You have installed an API following all the instructions but during the test an error in payment occurs. In this case you may apply for free connection of your site to PM for Business, and as soon as we process your application our manager will contact you to speak about your site and to help you to install API for free.

V. Receive bonus for a great number of operations in your Perfect Money account
Activity in your Perfect Money account is very important for us. If you show us a great number of transactions in your account then you will get some reward from Perfect Money payment system.
After having reached a defined limit of transactions you will get a bonus as a gratitude for active use of Perfect Money payment system.
10 transactions - $0.01
100 transactions - $10
1,000 transactions - $50
10,000 transactions - $100
100,000 transactions - $1,000
1,000,000 transactions - $10,000
Example: You constantly conduct some money transfer operations on your site. So, for example, in 5 months of an active operation with Perfect Money you have made 10,000 transactions. When the month during which the quantity of transactions reaches this number, you will get a $100 bonus, since you have passed the level of 10,000 operations.

VI. Reward to business projects with large amounts in their accounts
Your business has huge volumes and You frequently deposit large amounts to your account? Get your reward for trusting Perfect Money and for choosing us as your financial partner. Submit your application and if your business meets all our requirements you will get reward according to the deposit schedule below.
1,000 - $1
10,000 - $10
100,000 - $50
1,000,000 - $100
100,000,000 - $10,0000
Example: You have deposited $50,000 to your account by bank wire transfer. In addition to it during the month your clients have also transferred you $30,000. And you have transferred $40,000 to your partners. So, the turnover in your account is $120,000. Participation in this program allows you to receive $50 upon reaching the transaction level of $100,000. Thus when the month ends you will get a $50 bonus.

VII. Introduce a discount coupon system and you will see a significant growth of your clients base
To become a participant of this program just submit an application.
Once you become a participant of the discount coupon system you can make various ad campaigns.You can issue your own discount or bonus coupons.
A customer can get a coupon in case if the volume of transactions in his/her account has exceeded a defined limit.
Example: Well, let's imagine that you want to motivate your clients to buy some definite service on your site. This can be reached by using our discount coupons after getting involved in this program. If you participate in the program your clients when paying via API merchant will see a special form for entering the coupon code. Entering the code of the coupon, which you give to your clients in the frame of some marketing campaign, your client gets a discount, the amount of which you may set individually for each coupon. This service will surely become popular with your clients since they will get an opportunity to purchase goods and services at a discount. And the owners of businesses will get the loyal clients in turn.

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