BOA - VBA ( Don't need confirm phone )
NOTE : This is the VBA work without confirmation phone, so you can use the old or new Paypal account.

- US VBA is for United States of America PayPal accounts ONLY.
- This is the VBA only with verified immediately (Instantly Verification)

Bank Details, this bank works with any name and address on paypal account

Type - Checking/savings

Routing - **********,

Account Number - *****45451


ID/Pass : or teamviewr id and pass if you can not add

Just enter the details in your PayPal account. After Adding the Details, Your PAYPAL account is VERIFIED !

What else, This is 100% Pure LEGAL And SAFE.

Your PayPal Account Will Remain Verified for life.

PayPal VBA and VCC are delivered shortly within a few seconds after successful payment through Bitcoin, Webmoney or PerfectMoney Okpay ( paypal and skrill with extra fees). Enjoy!

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