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International ATM Debit card

Keep your Financial Transactions Confidential and Safe !

We are so confident that you'll love IG debit card that you'll receive an unheard of, 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee! The cards are issued by a bank from USA and they work worldwide.

These are International debit cards usable at:

* ATMs worldwide (which displays Cirrus logos)
* Google adwords
* Card to Card transfer (you can do it in seconds from your card control panel)
* Card to ACH transfer (you can send ACH in seconds from your card control panel)
* Card to international bank transfer
* Payroll card
* You can receive ACH on this card
* POS (point of sales where MasterCard is accepted)
* Commission Card
* Online Balance Access (you can do it in seconds from your card control panel; it will be received along with your card)

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Simple, Easy & Privacy Fund card
Online Balance Balance

With this debit card you will have access for payment transactions at point of sales and ATM withdrawals WORLDWIDE - click here for locations.

Loading funds on to your Stored Value Card

You load value onto your Stored Value Card in the following ways:

- loading by e-gold, liberty reserve, e-bullion, pecunix
- your employer may request your salary or wages to be loaded onto your Stored Value Card.
- you can transfer money to your Stored Value Card using a bank wire.

Card funding is completed within 24 - 48 hours (not including weekends)

Cardholder's name (your name) does not appear on the debit card.

The card account is integrated into a private network that helps maintain a very high level of privacy on your loading and use of the card.

The cards are FDIC Insured!

There is a daily limit of $2000/day on cash withdrawals

The loading (funding) limit is $10,000/day.


The package can be sent by courier mail - FEDEX on the next business day after your order or by Normal Mail.
When the card will be shipped by FEDEX you will receive a shipment tracking number. Using this number you will be able to track your shipment online. We strongly advice you to use Fedex.

FEDEX delivery : 65

Delivery typically takes no longer than 2-4 business days using FEDEX and no longer than 12 days using Regular Mail.

Documents required: one scanned ID / passport or driver licence; you can send it by email or fax.

Our debit cards are NOT available to residents or citizens of Afghanistan, Burma, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, North Korea.

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