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    Default Debit card for STP and ALERT PAY


    Can you suggest, which is the best credit card for STP and ALERTpay user?

    thank you....

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    Quote Originally Posted by himalayan View Post

    Can you suggest, which is the best credit card for STP and ALERTpay user?

    thank you....

    Neither are Credit Cards.... they act as Debit Cards and gives you access at lots of ATMs around the globe but as far as their services are concerned, you need to first read what their conditions are to suit your situation.

    I am not too sure abt the operators of STP... word has it that they are the same ones that are linked to those trying to scam the GPP pension schemes and there's trails of "Stella" behind the scenes on that...
    So, I won't even try to visit their site to start with.

    With AlertPay, you can only exchange and withdraw and deal with others that are willing to open up an AlertPay account... individuals might but not commercial companys... AS YET... I should add.

    Comparing to all... I despise PayPal in the early years, but with change of Leadership/Management and responsible security in place... PayPal comes off better for me... ease is what I expect and want to have at the end of the day. Forget PayPal if you have a bad history with finance and credibility... I too won't want to deal with you... LoL.

    Just teasing ya on that... but seriously, you have to read the two conditions before and ONLY you can decide for yrself what is best.

    Good luck.


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