Hi, i am selling vmi here!

What is vmi?

Vmi is debit card include us bank acc?

What is purpose we use vmi?

people use vmi with many purpose, for example control their expense, for safety, and for withdraw paypal

What is the fee?

The fee is:

Load Costs:

Funds Deposit 4.95
Load Transfer 4.95

Card Transactions Costs:

POS Purchase USA n/c
ATM Withdrawal - USA 1.50
ATM Withdrawal - USA (Denied) 0.60
ATM Withdrawal - International 4.50
ATM Withdrawal - International (Denied) 1.20
ATM Balance Inquiry / Denied Inquiry USA & International * 0.50
VRU Balance Inquiry 0.60
Internet Balance Inquiry n/c
Card to Bank Account Transfer 3.00
Card to Card Transfer 3.00
Card to Check 4.95
Bank Account to Card Transfer 3.00

Other Charges:

Monthly Account Service Fee 4.95
Mailed Monthly Statement 5.00
Account Dormancy (1) 3.00
Card Deactivation 1.00
Lost Card Replacement (2) 15.00

1. Charged to card monthly in addition to Account Service Fee after three consecutive months of no card activity
2. Costs are for scheduled card replacement. Cardholder requiring rush card replacement will be subject to
additional fees from card provider

how much the card?

US$ 25 Include Standard Shipping and US$ 50 Include DHL Shipping

Payment methods: E-gold and Liberty Reserve

If you want to buy this card you must provide scan id like drivers license or passport. The card will be shipping to the address at your drivers license or passport.
Just PM me if you need this card.