Funtion just like a Virtual USA Bank Account.
Access funds at any ATM globally.
No Application, everyone qualifies.
Order our ATM Pay card and enjoy the following benefits:

* Everyone Qualifies
* No credit application
* No bank account required
* Function as US Checking Account - ABA#064208903
* Funds Availability 24/7
* Get cash at over 1 million ATMs ********* (Star/Plus)
* Debit Card purchases where accepted.
* Receive ACH Direct-Deposit from anyone
* Eliminates costly check cashing fees
* Withdraw your eBizPay commission to card
* Safe/Secure/Convenient

Card fees are as follow:

ATM Withdrawal-Domestic: $1.50
ATM Withdrawal-International: $3.00
ATM Balance Inquiry: $1.00
ATM Decline: $1.00
Point-of-Sale Purchase: $0.75
Point-of-Sale Decline: $0.25
PrePaid Calls-Domestic: $0.09/Min
PrePaid Calls-International: Varies

Global ATM Pay Card