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    Default ACH enabled debt card

    All I am looking is a serious debt card which can receive ACH direct deposit which card also to be available for using in Romania.
    Any distributors if you have this, please advice me.

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    Default ACH debitcard


    Members of Bridge will get a debit card wich belongs to their ACH account. The card is not ready yet, but it will come. It will cost 300 euro a year to have your ACH debitcard.

    If you choose to become a member of Bridge, your will get your ACH account for free the first year, and then pay 300 euro as an annual fee. ACH have made an extra department for Bridge members, and the Bridge memebers are getting extra benefits to a cheaper price..... For that alone a Bridge membership are worth the price! (Take action! Costs $849 to become a member of Bridge before 1. of September, and 1000 euro from 1.September, Saturday! This is just a one time fee.)

    Your ACH account is yours as usual and can be used for everything as normal. Not only for investments recomended by Bridge. Just extra benefits!

    The first Company Bridge recomended their members to invest in (Mindark) are going at the London Stock marked in the beginning of 2008 (They expect around New year).

    Members of Bridge don't have to invest in the Companies Bridge recommend. You just get the oportunity to do so, if you wish. You'll get the oportunity to meet the Manager of the Company, stockbroker and Bridge before you decide to invest or not.

    So keep your eyes on Mindark, when they get on the stockmarked in 2008. They expect at LEAST 3-400% increase in the stock value. Only time can tell! We just have to wait and see how they succed.

    So a debitcard from ACH itself, should be the best one, don't you think so too? As far I know this ACH debit card should be legal in very many countries.

    If you want too I can ask some Bridge leaders espesially about Romania for you? Please post og PM me, if you want me to ask for you? And please tell me all the questions you need to know the answer about.

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