There is a new payment processor right now which is exactly the same as e-gold. The only difference it has are the location at the same time in c-gold it is needed to provide proof of identity after using it for 2 months time.

For general knowledge c-gold is Cyberica.NET has been the second-largest hosting and domain name service in the DGC industry for several years now, so many of you probably know, and quite possibly use, it already. Nuff said.

What most of you might not know about as yet, is,
a new digital gold currency with a (few) twist(s).

Firstly, c-gold is run by a company registered in the Seychelles, and
gold storage, bailments, redemptions, as well as admin and support
are outsourced to our company in Malaysia.
Secondly, EVERY user can bail bars into c-gold and redeem bars,
over the counter. This is currently limited to 1 kilo bars, but we will
add smaller bars and ultimately also bullion coins, to make things
more pratical.
Thirdly, c-gold users have to provide scans of a photo ID and a utility bill
within two months of opening their acounts or when the volume of their account
exceeds 200g in total, whichever the earlier.
Fourthly, is only half of the equation. We are also establishing the Commerce Gold Network, through a chain of franchisee-operated, real world, offline shops.
Lastly, we'll make c-gold truly mobile by offering offline wallet applications, that will allow users to transfer holdings from their primary account onto cell phones, PDAs, etc., and then beam gold to each other, in real time, on the spot.

c-gold... Commerce 100% backed by real gold deposits!