# Our Debit Cards Are issued by a US Bank (member FDIC) and are part of the VISAŽ - PLUS network that covers more than 80 countries on all 7 continents.
# There is no need to send Indentification documents. Just fill in the ID information required.
# As our card is affiliated with the STAR - VISAŽ - PLUS network, it is accepted at over 5 millions Points of Sale (POS) worldwide and in some 650,000 ATM machines displaying the 'PLUS' logo, throughout the world.
# The card works at any ATM machine, anywhere in the world.
# Cards can be purchased by customers located anywhere in the World.
# The card funding fees are very low, so the card is perfect for sending funds in total security to family members or relatives abroad. All you have to do is get a card, send it to your friend or relative, and then add funds to the card whenever you wish, from wherever you are.

The card only costs $50, including shipping and activation


Your card can be funded by e-gold, WebMoney, Ebullion, Pecunix or V-Money. Card fundings normally take place the SAME DAY, and usually within hours, except when we suffer delays outside of our control


# Monthly Maintenance Fee $4.95
# US ATM Monetary Transaction $1.50
# Domestic ATM Usage Transaction $1.25
# International ATM Monetary Transaction $4.00
# International ATM Usage Transaction $2.50
# NOTE ATM Usage includes Balance Inquiry & Declined Transactions.
# PIN-Based Point-Of-Sale Purchase Transaction $1.00
# PIN-Based Point-Of-Sale Decline Transaction $1.25
# Card Funding (e-gold and V-Money) 4.00% (Ebullion) 5.00% - Minimum Fee $6.00
# Replacement of card (lost or stolen) $20
# Bank Funding Fee (per funding)$3.00
# Daily withdrawal limit : USD 2,000
# Maximum load amount: $7,500 daily $30,000 monthly
# No Name on the card
# 100% Security & Privacy
# Pay Merchants anywhere
# Ideal for Family & kids
# Easily convert your Gold or Ecurrencies to Cash
# Affiliated with the VISA PLUS Network.
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