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    Senior Investor thelordofhyip's Avatar
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    Apr 2016
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    Default Crypto Magnet -

    Im not admin,

    About Us,

    Many people want to earn extra income on a daily basis. But on the way to success they meet many difficulties - lack of time, lack of mining experience, knowledge in the field of trading on currencies markets, mining or just lack of experience. These concepts are especially significant for those who have heard and know about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. In order to generate additional income from the investment is necessary to calculate risks, monitor the market and create detailed analytical predictions. This requires knowledge and experience in trading with Bitcoin and structures of mining knowledge.

    «Crypto Magnet» is officially registered company which has been leading its activities since 2016. Our company invests in various activities such as: stock exchange and mining. «Crypto Magnet» has no analogues in the world and invests funds in two different areas of activities at the same time.

    Cryptocurrency stock exchange is a place or an online portal where people exchange one cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin etc.) into the other, either into the world's major currencies (US Dollar, Euro, Yuan, etc.).

    Mining is the only way of getting cryptocurrency. The point of mining is that computers in different parts of the Earth solve complex mathematical problems which lead to creating of cryptocurrency. The process of production is not controlled by a single producing center, which gives these currencies total privacy and ease of use. Investment in cryptocurrency loans completely similar to conventional loan issued on other conditions.


    Cryptocurrency as conventional currencies is subjected to daily changes in rates of purchase / sale. Our team of professional financial traders provides a thorough analysis of volatile currencies and selects the most favorable conditions for investment. Profit for buying and selling currencies is around 30-40% per month. The second our activity is the investment in data centers, for generating cryptocurrency every second, which is called mining.


    Our mission is to help all people to become independent and rich. Every year Bitcoin cryptocurrency grows, and we want to become only company which trading cryptocurrency Bitcoin and investing in data centers over the world.


    The goal of our investment is to minimize risks and ensure a regular income for our investors by attracting additional private investment and subsequent reinvestment of assets collected in all spheres of our activities. Private investment will help us increase monthly income by the growth of active transactions on the exchanges stock and increasing investments in mining.

    If you want to start investing and make stable profit on a daily basis, «Crypto Magnet» is your best choice. Stable profit without any risk is real.

    Invest plans:
    - 32% hourly for 4 hours
    - 34% hourly for 5 hours
    - 42% hourly for 5 hours
    - 66% hourly for 4 hours

    Invest amount:
    - Minimal $10
    - Maximal $10000

    Payment accepted:
    - Perfectmoney
    - Payeer
    - Bitcoin
    - Ethereum

    Referral commission: 5%

    Program Features:
    - GC HYIP Script
    - SSL Certificated by COMODO RSA
    - Secure DDOS Protection Hosting
    - Instant Withdrawal

    Join Here - Crypto Magnet -

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    Senior Investor shyips's Avatar
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    Aug 2017
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    ⦿ Withdrawal Arrived ⦿

    The amount of 0.25 USD has been deposited to your account.
    Accounts: U15295306->U8678486.
    Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to Secret HYIPs from Crypto Magnet..
    Date: 09:54 15.04.21. Batch: 385473771.

    ⦿ Thank you very much ⦿

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