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About Us,

Company Profit Jet exists in the global market since 2017. We are engaged in investing in Forex; this is the easy, affordable and profitable way of investing money today. Our specialists are experts in this field of business. During the five years of existence of company Profit Jet, we have fixed on the stock market, we have organized properly the traders' work, created our own strategy and have received a good reputation.

Under the direction of our successful traders your Forex investments will bring more income with less risk in financial transactions. This is a great opportunity to earn on Forex for beginning investors and rational capital allocation decision for experienced investors, who are interested...

Invest plans:
- 32% Hourly For 6 Hours
- 38% Hourly For 6 Hours
- 46% Hourly For 6 Hours
- 58% Hourly For 6 Hours
- 74% Hourly For 6 Hours
- 92% Hourly For 6 Hours
- 116% Hourly For 6 Hours
- 135% After 1 Hour

Invest amount:
- Minimal $10
- Maximal $10000

Payment accepted:
- Perfectmoney
- Payeer
- Bitcoin
- Ethereum

Referral commission: 5%

Program Features:
- GC HYIP Script
- SSL Certificated by COMODO RSA
- Secure DDOS Protection Hosting
- Instant Withdrawal

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