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Welcome to INS Premium Ads

INSPREMIUMADS is a private group that creates wealth. We are Simple but Powerful. Our mission is to provide our investors a great opportunity to advertise their sites and also generate a profit from their funds. We are not a instant site . We are not a high percentage site. We are a long term sustainable advertising site which will be around for a very long time. We are not a new site but a sister site to www.invest-n-surf.net which has been online more than 2 years.

2 years ago I spoke to Jack Cobb Admin of Madzpop and Maximumsurfing and I am sure everyone knows him. He was investing his members funds with a lady who traded in forex and he offered the same to deal to me but I refused. And eventually that lady who traded Forex scammed him. He had to close his site because of this. He was not a scammer but his health was also not good at that time. He made the same mistakes like me by trusting a 3rd party ( others ) with the funds. I have learnt from this industry that 90% are scammers and they have no knowledge on how to run a site. They run a ponzi and when it runs out of money they close and go away. In the past 2 years you have seen big names like Vlane, P2P , Madzpop , CLF flop. P2P was a high roi site but Madzpop , Vlane were low roi but you can see they still lost their funds due to non understanding of business and greed.

I now understand that one has to make self efforts to run this business and not depend on anyone else ( 3rd party ) to pay their members. I have now learnt to trade Forex on my own. Members can earn 1 8% a week and 15 30% a month. The interest rate will be variable depending on market conditions. You can also see sites like Hollywood Ads, Akterra , DRF Group are all closed now and when they started they were supposed to be mega sites of the year which could last for many years to come. Members lost a lot of funds in these sites and now you can see that there are no more sites that any member can trust and invest funds safely as there are no guarantees. DRF group was registered but no one can say if the registration was legit or not. I can take guarantee of all deposits. In the future I plan to register INSPREMIUMADS legally in Dubai and will add bank wire option once the registration is complete. Documents are submitted for registration and very soon I will upload these documents to the website. I will also provide phone support. My main aim is to make INS a strong legal entity that stays here forever. For online support all customers can speak to our customer support Skype at INSPREMIUMADS and if anyone needs any other help they can contact me on my personal email anytime.
Subscription Levels
Matrix Earnings
Subscription Name Max Ads Pack One time Fees Direct Bonus 1 2 3 4 5
Starter Pack $500 $25.00 $10 5% 5% 5% - -
Gold Pack $1500 $50.00 $15 5% 5% 20% - -
Diamond Pack $10000 $100.00 $25 5% 5% 30% 20% 10%

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