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Finally a profit sharing advertising network that allows you to make money at warp speed.
Introducing a unique advertising mechanism that allows you to advertise all while investing in profit shares.
This unique service can earn you as much as 800% on your investment* based on the ad package you buy. Members are rewarded in several ways depending on their desire to earn.

Free Members - REMEMBER you get paid on referrals when they buy.


(1.) You will receive out of this world advertising impressions and visitors to your web site when you purchase you advertising packages. AdShares are redeemed instantly in your back office and can be used to display your own site or any affiliate link you have. We currently serve well over 2,000,000 impressions a month so buckle up your hits are coming. The hits and visits we provide are generated through a network of partner sites as well as cashorbits.com so you can be sure that we are not regurgitating impressions generated by our own users. What this means for you is that you advertisements are not going to grow old and stale due to over exposure.


(2.) A portion of all the profits are divided up into sweet little incentives to sell, sell, sell! That's right we are returning a portion of our daily take to members in a cyclical fashion starting from the first member in a package and working it's way down. As with any product demand decreases with maturity so our ad packages will always be discontinued an reinvented - since not all members in a particular ad group will benefit from a profit share we have decided to compile the surplus and divided it between 3 lucky members of that particular ad group. All members of a particular ad group will be eligible.


(3.) Refer members through your link and you will earn a high performance jet fueled bonus of 20% of their purchase. If just one of your referrals buys a $100 ad pack you make $20.00 What if they buy 10 $5.00 ad packs there you go fifty bucks. Many of our members by multiple ad packages making it possible for you to make hundreds off one person over the life of their account.

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