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    Default AdFlasher make $15.00 per HOUR by simply clicking on ads

    Hi everyone - THIS IS DIFFERENT - AND FUN !!!


    This is NEW and has been tested. You can earn $15 an hour, and the most it will cost you is $15... Earning potential is unlimited, the more time you have, the more you can earn!

    AdFlasher is something to get excited about!

    Here is a way that you can make $15.00 per HOUR by simply clicking on ads. My sponsor and some other friends online did this tonight (9/8) and can confirm this works!

    This not a typical Rev Share and this is not your standard run of the mill, surf site where your money gets tied up for weeks or even months. With a Rev Share, at 14% earnings per week, and taking into account a hit and run clause, it would take you over 14 weeks just to break even.

    With this program, you not only have the chance to get your money back the same day, but you also stand the chance to earn 100% clear profit!

    They did exactly that last night and today, so it is confirmed that the program is working correctly and paying quickly. With some work (this does take an hr or so at a time), you can earn about $15 an hour with this program.

    If you do this just 2 hours a day, you can make $210.00 per week or $840.00 per month.

    If you do this 4 hours a day, you can make $420.00 per week or $1680.00 per month.

    If you can click more, then you can make more! They pay daily as you finish your View Pack campaigns. Again, you DO NOT have to wait a week to get paid or a month depending on other programs you might be in. This can and will pay you daily if you finish your campaigns daily.

    The name of this company is and they started in August. So they are very new, and I have not seen anyone in the Rev Share/Passive Industry marketing this one yet. This is ***** new!

    One of the payment processors they use is PayPal. I received word from my up-line that PayPal is familiar with and they gave them their approval to use PayPal's services. Not many programs use PayPal because PayPal does not approve just any program to use their services. So seeing them using PayPal makes this an even safer decision to get started.

    You also may use AlertPay or Google Checkout.

    In a nutshell here's how it works:

    1. You register on the site, you can register for free to take a look

    2. Login and complete your profile.

    3. Surf the first round of ads, they give you 75 cents to try it out, which will double to $1.50.

    4. Purchase a minimum of $15 worth of "View Packs" using one of the above processors (from CONSUMERS AREA, not advertisers). Each "View Pack" is 100 views that you need to complete before you will get paid. 1 view consists of 27 ads being highlighted on your screen (more info below), and occasionally looking at an actual website for about 5 seconds. Each view will take you about 30 seconds to complete.

    4. Once you purchase your "View Pack", then click on the "Ad Viewer"

    5. A full page screen will come up with 54 boxes on it that looks like 54 classified ads

    6. A yellow highlight will randomly light up various boxes as it flashes all over the page. It reminds me of that game show Press Your Luck where the contestants are hoping not to land on a Whammy. No need to click on Yellow boxes.

    7. Once you see a 4 second timer appear in one of the boxes, click on that box and a full page ad will appear. You must click on the timer before the 4 second timer ends or you have to start over. You would just start that 1 view over.

    8. Let the ad fully load and stay on that page/ad for about 5 seconds or so. If you leave too early, again you have to start over.

    9. Once the page has loaded, click on the "close" link in the upper right hand corner. The process will repeat again...highlight will bounce around the page, once you see the 4 second timer, click on that box, and let the page/ad load up for about 5 seconds, then close the page.

    10. Each time you complete this process, usually around 2-4 times, you will receive $.30 cents. It takes about 30 seconds to finish each view. When you finish all 100, you have earned $30...100 x $.30.

    The minimum that you can withdraw is $30.00. Each View Pack (100 views) is $15, and once you complete the full 100 views, you will have earned $30. At that point, your $30 will be in a pending status. It took about 6 hrs for those funds to be moved fully over to my Available Balance once I completed all of my views. Once those funds are in your Available Balance, they you can go ahead and place a withdrawal request.

    Like I mentioned, it took about 6 hrs for the funds to move over to my Available Balance. But once they were in there, my withdrawal was processed instantly after my request.

    So, if you have $15, and an hour of free time, I would encourage you to check this out. If you put $15 in there today, surfed your 100 Views, you will earn $30. You should receive that $30 within 24 hrs, probably less. Once you have done this, you will have your original $15 back, and now you can just continue to reinvest your $15 profit back into the program which will continue to earn you $30 over and over again.

    Again, if you do this just 1 hour a day, you can make $105 per week or $420 per month.

    If you do this just 2 hours a day, you can make $210.00 per week or $840.00 per month

    If you do this 4 hours a day, you can make $420.00 per week or $1680.00 per month.

    How much free time do you have? Do the math, and see if this program might be something you are looking for.

    What really interested me in this program was not only how quickly you can get your originally money back but also how quickly you can earn a profit.

    If you do this just once, you will earn a $15 profit. And you could easily have this profit in your account by tomorrow evening. Then the next day you could turn that $15 profit into another $30 the next day. Then that next day, you could potentially surf for 2 hours and turn that $30 into $60.

    You could just do this over and over, but the best part about it is that you will only be reinvesting profits after the very first time you do this!

    Traditional Rev Shares can not offer you profits as quickly as this. You can be 100% in profit within 24 hrs. From then on out, you have nothing to gain buy pure profits with no chance of losing any money. You can grow those profits as big as you want if you have the time to surf.

    Just an hour a day could easily earn you a car payment for the month or let you pay down the credit card bill or even let you put some of those earnings in some rev shares to build up your accounts that way. You have lots of options, but the absolute best part of this is being able to be in profit within 24 hrs. Then just reinvest your profits and grow those profits as big as you want.

    It just takes one day to be in profit, not many programs can offer you that.

    Take a FREE position and have a look around.

    To register for free or get some more info:

    I would recommend just buying 1 View Pack at a time. There is no advantage to purchasing more than 1 at a time. The mistake I made originally was purchasing 4 View Packs with my first spend. I really wanted to test this to make sure it worked, but quickly found out that if you buy 4 View Packs (400 views), you have to finish surfing all 400 views before you will get paid. It's not like I could purchase 400, view 100, then get paid on that 100, and then do the other 300 when I get some free time. So I was up very late last night trying to finish my views to make sure this worked. But it was worth the time, and yes, it does work.

    So I would recommend just buying 1 View Pack at a time. Then when you are done, and if you have extra funds, go ahead and purchase another one while you are waiting for your $30 worth of earnings to be transfered to your Available Balance to be withdrawn. Then you can always be getting paid after every 100 views, and just do this over and over and over.

    To register for free or get some more info:

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    Default Important Update - 09/17/2009

    We have been listening to feedback and reviewing the situation with View Packs. Since View Pack sales are limited based on Ad Pack sales it has become nearly impossible to purchase them. We understand it's not fair for us to create a situation where members have to constantly check the Buy View Packs page to see if any are available.

    Consequently we have explored numerous other options. These options included auctions, reservation systems, random allocation and a few others. We were not satisfied that any of these options were the best solution.

    We have reviewed our business model and have decided to make Ad Views free. Each completed view will pay $0.10. These free Ad Views will be assigned to members on a weekly basis based on Ad Pack sales from the previous week. Members may now upgrade and create a premium account. Premium members will receive free Ad Views with a higher priority. Premium memberships are $60 and expire 1 year from the date of purchase.

    Additionally, we are aware that none of you are happy about the pending funds. With this new system your earnings from completed views will be available immediately. There will no longer be any pending funds.

    If you still have pending funds in your account please be advised that you will be paid as per the original terms. is a new concept in advertising delivery and we might not get things right the first time. We are confident that this new model will allow us to grow and will dramatically increase the speed that pending funds are released.

    Normally with a change such as this we would release advance notice. In our case it was important that we move fast in order to do what was best for our existing user base. Referral commissions have not changed. You will receive referral commissions on all premium membership purchases at the standard rate of 10%.

    Happy Flashing
    The AdFlasher Team

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    Hello everyone.

    Just to let you know that if you joined ADflsher and paid and never
    made a cent you can always request a refund.

    They are willing to send you a refund but they will close your account.
    Personally i don't care if they close my account i rather get my money

    So log into your account, click on Support and send a ticket and add your
    receipt and that should do.


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