I found new profit sharing manual surf program.
Worldwide-revenue-sharing promise to share 75% of income with members.
Upgrade expire when earnings reach 200%
Earnings credited weekly, maximum 14% per week.
Requires viewing 100 other member websites every week to qualify for the weekly cash rebate
minimum spend $10
accept LR, STP, AP, SP


You'll Earn a variable weekly rebates on your Ad Packs

Everyone gets Paid 200% rebate on their AP's before expiration!

You Can Advertise up to 25 of your money making sites.

You can Earn up to 15% Referral Bonus 2 levels deep.

You'll only have to View 100 sites to earn your weekly rebate.

You Get Free 100 website visitors at joining.

You'll receive 10 Ad Credits with each AP you Purchase.

You get Top-Notch Quality Advertising that produce results.
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