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How would you like to make money and gain real advertising?

We have all learned over time that auto surfing and banner ads create lame useless hits.
Also that fly by night high pay rates never last more than a month.

Well get ready for the revolutionizing Cash-Adventure system.

No more lame automatic hits and always waiting to get paid.
We have created Adventure Ads a new way to advertise and Adventure units a proven way to earn.

Adventure Ads Adventure Units

Adventure ads make sure the user reads your site 100%
With our new sentence search feature we ensure you a real live visitor read your program or site.

We also include full logs of the users hits, including time spend on your site and much more.

Adventure units are the next generation of earning with profit sharing. The system is setup to last and avoid the hit and runners. Each unit pays weekly and does not expire.

Safety is our goal we strive to keep you and our program 100% secure and safe. Notice we have (SSL) Secure Socket Layer installed to keep all your information safe and secure.

Adventure Referrals

We pay you 10% of all your referral spends. Including advertising purchases.
We also allow you to upload a picture and a voice clip to give your referral URL a more personal feeling.

join now and take an adventure

Time to take an adventure and see what a stable program with real advertising can do for YOU !

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