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Welcome to Godfather Traffic!

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Receive the following when you join:

500 hits to your websites!
500 Banner Impressions
500 Text Impressions
2 to 1 Ratio on surfing
Surf for Cash .15 per 500
Get Paid .03, .05., and.10 cents per paid email reads
Earn 5 - 100 Hits for each solo ad you read
15% Bonus for each paid Pro membership
26 Different Ways to earn a 15% commission
100 Hits for each personal referral
Eligible to receive a pool 1 profit share of Godfather Rewards
(Some qualifying required)

Why Should You Join...
Godfather Traffic?

"We Make You Offers... You Just Can't Refuse!"

***Daily Surf Lotto!
***Surf for Cash!
***Surf for Promotional Prizes!
***Solve the Mysteries of Gangster Trivia!
***Super Surf Sunday - Pro Member Surf for double the Cash!
***Big Saturday- Pro Members Earn .50 , Free .25 for Referrals

Do you need traffic for your Web site, Blog or Affiliate Program?

Our members surfed 1.4 million web pages last month alone and we are just getting started!

Godfather Traffic is a manual traffic exchange. We protect your hits! We make sure no surf-autobots and cheaters can burn up your hard earned hits! We send you good solid family members to view your websites. They like to spend time on your site because we make it worth their time to do so!

We are not just a traffic exchange we also offer banner and text ad exposure for your website as well. We have many ways to bring traffic your way.

If you like our services and decide to refer your business associates and friends who have websites too; we make it worth your time by giving you hit credits for your web site and by paying you commissions every time they buy advertising from our site! There are 26 way to earn Instant cash into your Godfather account! You could eventually get ALL of your traffic for FREE... if you referred enough people.

Here's how our site works:

You join the family. You can join for FREE or there's also four additonal upgrade offers that you can take advantage of it you wish too.

As soon as you verify your email address and surf 25 sites to activate your membership. You can start loading your Web sites, banners and text ads into the system to get traffic immediately! You can have new traffic to your sites within minutes. You can even target the type of visitors we send you by selecting the category that best fits your website!

For every site you surf we give you one visit back to your site! So, if you surf 100 sites... we send you 100 visitors back to your site. Its that easy. If you don' have time to surf, but have a little extra cash, you can buy traffic to your site for a few dollars! We have several options for you in the members area.

As a member, you are also eligible to participate in daily surfing and referral contests where you can earn even more hits and cash prizes.... just for visiting family member's sites and telling others about us!

What? Still not Convinced?

OK, here's the deal. Godfather Traffic is all about value and user experience. What separates Godfather Traffic from other traffic exchanges is our "Godfather Rewards" system. We have set up special affiliate accounts with national advertisers and placed their offers in our Rewards Section. Here members can shop for special deals and 100% of the commissions earned will be placed in three special pools to be shared equally by those members who qualify. Of course, if no one uses these services then there won't be any rewards, but think what would happen is a few hundred members did use them each month! These rewards are available to all membership levels from Free to Lifetime members. ***

So, if your going to Vegas, Hawaii; book it through our site and we get kickbacks to the family. Taking a cruise? Check our prices first, Capiche?

Just think, 1000's of family members using these services could generate some nice monthly pool bonuses!

Sign up and look at our rewards pages in the members area.

***(IMPORTANT: "Godfather Rewards" is not any type of investment-to-surf opportunity or any other illegal surf mechanism. It is simply an owner wanting to share his earnings with qualified members. There is no cost to participate in the "Godfather Rewards" system and there are no quaranteed earnings.)

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