I've joined this forum to let members know I've had a bad experience with this exchanger 'abc-ex.net'.

This is the first time I've used them. It will also be the last.

On 8th July 2009 I sent abc-ex.net $150.00 Liberty Reserve for a trade to WMZ.

There was no response until my third email, when on 13th July he wrote 'order not found'.
So I responded a fourth time with every possible detail I could think of to help.
He replied again.

Now the claim was that he had already paid me - curiously - to a WMZ account number
unknown to me. In addition he stated a name & email I had never heard of before

Account Z649597706377
brad bond
[email protected]

So, according to abc-ex.net, whoever 'brad bond' is - he now has my WMZ !

By the way, previously I've used me-gold, hygold, iwantexchange, and londongoldexchange,
I recommend these four exchangers they have earned my trust.

So I'm $150.00 out of pocket

Is 'brad bond' a super hacker ?
Has abc-ex.net made an unforgivable error ?
Or perhaps abc-ex.net is a scam ?

whatever the answer - you have been warned