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Prospect Hits marks the rebirth of the autosurf industry. Prospect Hits is designed to help its members achieve financial success while helping online advertisers to reach a target market unheard of in the traditional autosurf world.

Upon joining, Prospect Hits members can choose to purchase an advertising upgrade package that will enable them to take part in our paid-to-surf opportunity. These upgrade packages can be purchased in increments of $8 or until you have reached a maximum membership level of $2000. We will then pay upgraded members a 10% commission to watch 10 advertisements a day.

As you can see by the figures above, if you follow our system you can earn up to $200 a day for providing us with your service. In addition, we will reward you for promoting our site to others. We pay 5% of the membership upgrade levels for every member you personally introduce to Prospect Hits!
# 10% for 13 days
# Payment upon expiration
# Money sent within 72 hours
# 7% referral commission
# LR,AP,SP,STP accepted
# 10 pages to surf
# 50 credit sign up bonus
# 10sec timer

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