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Do you like to surf traffic exchanges?

Do you like to earn money?

Surf-to-Earn traffic exchange is a perfect place for you to drive targeted traffic to your site or programs, and is an easy and fun way to generate a large extra income!

Free and Pro Membership Details:

Surf Ratio Free 2:1 / Pro 1:1

Timer 10 seconds for free, 7 seconds for pro.

Free members enter up to 5 sites, banners and text ads.

Pro members enter up to 20 sites, banners and text ads.

Win prizes as you surf like cash, credits, and impressions.

Pro Member Payment Plan:

When you join our exchange as a pro member for $12 every three months, you are given one position into our team forced 5x5 matrix. Team forced means all members are placed into the matrix via our top spot, and spill down into the next open position in the matrix on any given level.

From this one position you can earn up to $1400, but, it doesnít end there!

For every 1000 sites you surf here at our traffic exchange, you are given another position in the matrix that you can earn from. Surf up to 9000 sites and receive an additional 9 positions in the matrix. That would give you a total of 10 positions and you can earn up to $1400 from each one!

But, it doesnít end there! Your membership recurs every three months. That means you, and every other pro member of our exchange can get an additional 10 positions in our matrix every three months. That is 40 positions every year for being a pro member and surfing our traffic exchange. Do the math on that!

And think about the massive spill over that will be generated from all our members earning their extra positions. 1000 pro members can generate 10,000 paid positions in the matrix every three months! That is 40,000 paid positions every year! And, itís all spill over because all positions enter under our top position and spill down into the matrix!

Think about what we can do if we have 2000 or 3000 thousand
pro members earning their positions from surfing!

Click here to learn more about the matrix program. (Opens in another window)

You are never required to refer or recruit here at STE, just surf and earn your extra positions. But, if you would like to refer others to our program, we will pay you $1 cash per referral on top of what you earn in the matrix!

If you would like to earn a significant extra income by just surfing our traffic exchange without ever having to refer or recruit
anyone, then click the join button to get started today!

SPEED Up your Surfing !
Get Paid to Advetise!
Join the only program that rewards it members for advertising!

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