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Welcome to Easy Us Dollars

Easy Us Dollars is an autosurf service that allows you to advertise your sites and increase your internet rank and develop your business.

Earnings are not guaranted. We currently accept AlertPay.

Our business plan is very different from what you can find anywhere else. We invest in forex, and we share a part of the deposits between the upgraded members.

Forex can sometimes give very nice results and sometimes there are bad days too.
Don't spend money you can not afford to loose !

Membership Plans
Free Membership
* You can join us free of charge but you must upgrade within 15 days or your account will be deleted.

* During the 15 day free period, you can surf to earn credits daily and advertise 1 of your sites.

Premium Plan
* 1% Daily for 365 Days
* Cashout Monthly
* Minimum $5 Ad-Packs
* Maximum $1000 in Ad-Packs
* Surf 10 Sites To Earn
* 3% Referral Commission
* 2 Sites to Advertise

For more information, visit

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