Hi guys,

Now I would like to tell you about a new program that is free to join, you can pay if you want to and trust me you will want to pay once you hear about it.

This program is called AP Instant and is an autosurfing program it is ***** new and is growing VERY fast.
Now this may not be a great way to advertise your splash pages because it is an autosurf program and no one is going to look at your ads since they just leave it on autopilot BUT it is a great way to make money. http://dwarfurl.com/69f011

When you signup they give you a free $10 account so every day that you surf 12 pages they give you 10cents, I know 10c right! big WOW; BUT if you upgrade you account to the next level which is $13 they will give you $1.30 every day for 13 days just for surfing 12 pages per day so after 13 days of surfing 12 pages per day you will get $16.90 which is $3.90 more than you paid them. http://dwarfurl.com/69f011

Now here is the exciting part... the more you pay the more you get back; for example if I pay $100 I will be getting $10 per day for $13 days giving me $30 profit, still not much huh but then if I pay $1000 I will get $130 profit after 13 days.

The good part is once you are in profit you can cash out when ever you want and they will pay instantly into your alertpay account hence the name AP instant.

When you signup they give you 5000 credits which you can assign to your splash page giving you 5000 hits to your site which is potential downline for you.

Here is the link to signup to AP Instant; this is a good deal so if you like good deals you wont want to miss this. http://dwarfurl.com/69f011

All right enough from me; enjoy your weekend. ;)