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    Default payitforwardtraffic -

    I am not the admin of the program.

    " Finally! A Traffic Exchange That Makes It Possible For You to Advertise Your Program or Website and Make Some Extra Cash In The Process! "

    " Plus!! We Share 75% of All Revenue Back to All Paying Advertisers! Yes! All Paying Advertisers EARN CASH BACK In Our Revenue Sharing Program When Anyone Makes a Purchase On Our Site! "

    " Advertising Packages Expire When You CASHOUT! You Decide How Much You Want To Earn! "

    " What Other Traffic Exchange Do You Know That Gives You Quality Advertising and Pays You CASH Back! "
    Partial List of Benefits
    # Manual Traffic Exchange
    # 15% of Your Referrals Activity
    # 10-second Surfbar Timer
    # 60% Split Up Between All Paid Members
    # Banner and Text Ads
    # Bonus Credits & ebooks
    # Email Ads
    # Paid to Click Ads/Emails! is a very unique Advertising/Traffic Exchange Program that takes any money it makes in Advertising/Membership purchases and simply Pays It Forward in our Revenue Sharing Program! We Pay It Forward to referring members, Paying Advertisers, and the admin! This program was designed not only to give you multiple avenues to advertise, but to also give you a way to earn a steady income along the way. This is a one of a kind program and you want find anything out there like it.

    Anyone can join our program for FREE and start generating advertising and even earn with our Affiliate Program. Becoming a Paying Advertiser gives you very nice advertsing packages, higher commissions, and many more benefits. Paid Memberships start at $10 and are good until you request a cashout. On every Advertising Package that we receive, 15% goes to the referring member, 60% is split up between all Paying Advertisers in our Revenue Sharing Program, and 25% goes toward the Admin. A portion of funds Admin receives may go toward advertising, outside income sources, etc. This is called our Pay It Forward Plan. The amount Paying Advertisers earn in our Revenue Sharing Program is based on the Advertising Package they purchased. Once your account reaches an amount you are happy with you can request a cashout. Your account then expires and you can simply purchase another Advertising Package and repeat the process.
    Join Today!

    For more information, visit

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    Please do your DD before investing in any program.

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    This program looks like something new and original.
    It says: Your Advertising Package stays active until you cashout!
    But what if I buy more then one package? - about everything related to best e-currencies.
    Shares Program - 150% revenue sharing! 10% Affiliate Bonus.

    Humans cant always be right, but if we are afraid to be wrong, how will we become smarter!?

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