I was working with Mike at tom****o dot com to develop our website and integrate a custom version of their script. After 4 months of excuses and $3500.00 of payment, no script, no site, no honest reply.

I am posting this as a warning to anyone considering doing business with them.

In the beginning their support and reply was satisfactory, but after partial payment, worthless, lacking, non-responsive, lies.

I am hopeful for a resolution, but not expectant.

If they do resolve I will let you know.
Mike was at his forum this morning and deleted my post as well as banned me from this forum.

I spent $3500.00 there on a custom script and website which i never received. I feel as though that Tom****o did not intend on scamming me when this started, but after a 4 month wait for results I had to move on. The process was supposed to be 3 weeks. I made a few changes and wanted special treatment in regards to design, but even 6 weeks would have been a long time. 12 is/was unacceptable.

I asked for a partial refund. requesting, "Whatever they think is fair"

Instead, i get no reply, banned, and posts deleted.

You can determine for yourselves what that means for you if you were interested in their services.

All I asked for was fairness.
Here is mikes reply to my refund request

You don't have **** coming to you. If you keep badmouthing the company around forums, I will do the same for PTVPartner, or for ANY other project you release that resembles PTVPartner whether is yours or not. I suggest you forget the whole thing and move on. If you want war, you are going to get it. You don't want to get into this. We have an army of people on monitor and forums. If you hadn't been so nasty, your project would have been finished on time and on budget, but I just don't respond well to *******s.

So, his rational is that because I complained that he NEVER was on on schedule, I was "Nasty" and an "*******". So I assume he feels that that makes it ok to just Scam, Steal, Swindle our deposit.

Here was my reply to Mikes threat;

Sorry Mike. I don't respond well to these type of threats. We are not
to blame here. You know as well as I that regardless of our
expectations or demands our script would have never been done on time or
on budget. You and you alone dropped the ball. You can badmouth us
with only lies, we have the truth on our side and will post daily, at
every opportunity to every available ear that will listen unless you
refund us to some degree. you may consider my demeanor "Nasty" and
"a$$hole" but the TRUTH is you failed and now you are stealing.

All I asked was for you to be fair. Do you think, that stealing from us
is going to be MORE valuable to you than the loss of clients you will
have because of our warnings to others or LESS valuable to you.

You are the extortionist in this endeavor. We are the victims. Not the
other way around. I believe that it should be you that does not want to
get into this. You are the one that has something to lose.

I will post that all is well and that we reconciled and that you were in
hospital and whatever else you think is an honest retraction if you make
the refund. Otherwise I will post at every ecurrency forum, send emails
to every hyip admin, and email blast every hyip/autosurf safelist I can
get my hands on to Warn them that about what YOU have done. You are
free to decide what is the best course of action for you. I chose your
company because you had no bad posts that I could find. Now you will
have us explaining to others what we have been forced to endure. I
would think that you will stand to lose much more than $3500.00 in the
long run.

If I can have the Photos and the background you can keep $1500.00.

Send me the 2000 refund and I will just move on. Think about it and you
know it is MORE than fair.

Let me know.
How would you handle this?

We do not expect him to do anything at this point other than to continue along this line. We have been more than fair in our request. he chose this path, not us. We feel obligated to warn others that Tom****o is like this.