Anders Marker Olsen is known for committing security company scams, profiling himself as being a gunrunner and having contacts in the arms industry. All this is very much untrue, as all Anders Marker Olsen is doing is systematically fraud. He is known to "sell" the idea of huge financial gains to investors only to later disappear and never pay the money back. Anders Marker Olsen is nothing but a con artist that is saying whatever he can just to get some money.

Anders Marker Olsen is also profiling himself for having contracts with Berreta International, although the company denies knowing Anders Marker Olsen and refers to people who also has never heard of this individual.

When dealing with Anders Marker Olsen, make sure that you do not give him any information about your name, address or any of the sort as he will use it against you and start threatening you when you start asking him for the money you invested. He will start talking about his mafia connection in Serbia and constantly talks about how dangerous people he knows as this will have a psychological effect in the future on how you ask for you money back.

All the investments that Anders Marker Olsen is presenting are non-existing, all the word documents, spread sheet files and email references are made up by Anders Marker Olsen or found and edited from the internet. Do NOT invest money in Anders Marker Olsen, you will NEVER ever see the money again and you will most likely go through a lot of bullshit just to realize that you have been scammed.

Anders Marker Olsen is currently living in Denmark, and is switching his cell phone many times, as well as his email so therefore it is impossible to give any information here. Also be aware that he will be using multiple names and contact information, but make sure you see his passport as he most likely will not have a fake one. He lives in the city of Esbjerg.