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* MyBizAdSite Network is NOT an investment program site! No! We are a manual internet advertising medium who offers advertising services for sale. We also offer additional services and benefits to our Pro Member Affiliates - including downloads, website traffic for joining and referring, splashpage building and hosting, marketing tips and promotions, and other cool free stuff. In addition to all of this, the opportunity to participate in our phenomenal 70% Revenue Share Bonus program. We do not promise a bajillion dollars in 12 days, but we do promise you will be rewarded for viewing, promoting and referring new members to our website.
* Free Members Are Welcome with 100 bonus hits, 500 Banner, and 100 text impressions!
* Free Members can post 5 URLs and surf the net to earn advertising hits with 3:2 surfing ratio.
* Free Members can receive 10% Referral Bonus and Hits on all first level referral sales.
* Dont want to surf? All Members can purchase advertising at very reasonable rates.
* For just $5.00 Upgrade your membership to Basic Pro Affiliate and become eligable for our 70% Revenue Share Bonus program, and enjoy additional perks, phenominal opportunities and free services and downloads.
* Pro Affiliate Memberships are a 1 month subscription, renewable every 6 months, and can be upgraded at any time.
* Pro Affiliate Members Earn website hits and enjoy 15% Referral Bonus on all first level referral sales in addition to participating in our 70% Revenue Share when they maintain Pro Account Status, and manually surf at least 1 admin site and 20 member's sites 6 days each week (120 member sites per week.
* Enterprise Pro Affiliate Members can post up to 20 URLs, receive 25 second page displays,
a 5 second personal time deduction, along with a 1:1 surfing ratio. All of this, along with a great bonus program, what more could you ask for?

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