MusicMatch Jukebox

MusicMatch Jukebox lets you record, organize, and play digital music. Lets you record your favorite songs from your CDs to high quality digital music files, stream music from the Net to your MusicMatch player, download music online and organize your digital music into a powerful Music Library on your PC. Gives you high fidelity, high quality and high speed you won t find in any other jukebox software.
MusicMatch Jukebox 10.0.4033 Plus.jpg
What s New in Musicmatch Jukebox 10.0

:: Burn, baby burn
Burner Plus is the ultimate solution for creating MP3 and audio CDs. Burn at speeds of up to 48x*. Drag and drop tracks from your Music Library, playlist or any Windows Explorer.
Keep track of free space on your CDs and fill them to the max with the easy-to-read capacity meter, or evenly divide an unlimited number of tracks among multiple discs with SmartSplit. It s faster, easier and more powerful than any CD burner you ve ever used.

:: Rip like a Rock Star
Unlock ripping/recording speeds of up to 40x (8 times faster than with the free Jukebox) and get cleaner, crisper, richer sound at a fraction of the file size with mp3PRO encoding. (Ripping means recording your CDs and encoding them into MP3 or other digital files.)

:: Make your mark
Your music can look as good as it sounds. Create full-color custom jewel case covers and inserts with CD cover art, up to 150 track titles and personal notes. You can also add text,graphics and album covers to CD labels and choose from a selection of border graphics to make your custom CD complete...

Xilisoft DVD Ripper

Xilisoft DVD Ripper Ultimate is an easy to use and powerful software utility that can rip your favorite DVD movies to most popular video and audio formats! With its powerful compatibility for ****; ******; ***; ***** TV etc!; Xilisoft DVD Ripper Ultimate enables you to rip DVD to many formats supported by various ******** media players!

Additionally; it can help you clip video segment; crop video size; edit video effects; adjust subtitle; and add video watermark; to get the customized DVD audio and video files!

Xara 3D v6

3Dgraphics and animations are the perfect way to add impact to your site - and we guarantee there’s no easier way to create them than Xara3D!

With Xara3D’s clean design, intuitive tools, interactive editing (just drag on the image to change the position, the extrude or bevel) and ready made styles, you will create your first 3D graphics in minutes.
Ideal for onscreen 3D graphics or animations (AVIs or animated GIFs), wherever you need to catch your visitor’s attention - headings and titles, logos and buttons, sales and offer notices. Perfect for web pages, mailshots, newsletters, e-cards and presentations. And any animation can even be saved as a screensaver.
Xara3D v6.jpg
Xara has *******ed technology to create the highest quality onscreen results, with compact file sizes - ideal for web pages and presentations.

*use the included serial during install*

Ultra DVD Creator

Ultra DVD Creator 2.7.0227

Ultra DVD Creator is a powerful and handy tool to create DVD VCD SVCD Video Disc from almost all formats of video files including AVI DivX XVid MPEG WMV ASF MOV RM MP4 FLV, So you can play movies on your home DVD Player. It is a revolutionary and versatile DVD creator. With this software, you can convert any video files to DVD VCD SVCD compatible mpeg file and burn to CD or DVD disc.Use this software to create VCD/DVD from your digital video recorder, Webcam, or downloaded files. You can create video VCD/DVD disc freely without any special knowledge in this field, every thing it left you is easy.
Video Disc Creator. Create video VCD SVD DVD disc from AVI DivX XVid MPEG WMV ASF MOV RM MP4 FLV etc video files. So you can play it on your home DVD Player.
Video Disc Burner. Burn the exist DVD comaptible VOB, VCD compatible MPEG-1 or SVCD compatible MPEG-2 files to VCD/SVCD DVD disc
Mpeg File Converter. Converts the AVI DivX XviD MPG WMV ASF MOV RM MP4 FLV 3GP etc video files to DVD(VOB) or SVCD VCD compatible MPEG files, DVD-Video files, VCD SVCD BIN/CUE image.

Key Features:
* Create DVD VCD SVCD Video Disc
* Support almost all formats of video including AVI DivX XVid MPEG WMV ASF MOV RM MP4 FLV 3GP
* Burn DVD VCD SVCD compatible mpeg file to CD or DVD disc
* Burn DVD-Video files to DVD disc
* Burn VCD SVCD BIN/CUE image to CD disc
* Convert video files to DVD VCD SVCD compatible mpeg file
* Convert video files to DVD-Video files
* Convert video files to VCD SVCD BIN/CUE image
* Built-in DVD Author
* Support a broad range of DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW burners
* All encoders/codec are built-in and any supported conversion can be done once you downloading the software
* Add subtitile onto the output DVD VCD SVCD
* Output size adjustment, output quality adjustment
* Cut unwanted parts by specifing start time and end time
* Support AC3 sound format (only output for DVD)
* Support Drag and Drop from Windows Explorer
* Support NTSC and PAL TV mode
* Auto set Normal TVs aspect ratio(4:3) and ****s aspect ratio(16:9)
* Auto add Letter Box to target DVD
* Custom define the output audio volume
Search RapidWorld with RapidBIT!

Search, Download, and Organize your RapidWorld with RapidBIT!

Find and download millions of rapidshare links! Freeware.
Manage your files easily, working with free/premium accounts.
No adware, No spyware, No pop ups, No trojan!

RapidBIT is an ********** suite that helps you find, download and organize your files!

Now you can simplify downloading files from One-Click-Hosters like or
RapidBIT is not only for users with a premium account but also for users with free accounts.
Download in multiple parallel streams with captcha recognition, automatical file extraction and much more.
Organize your files into folders, save information for these files like password and images!
With RapidBIT' Library Explorer manage these files easily without using Windows file explorer more...

RapidBIT is not only a downloader. It helps organizing your movies, music, TV shows, applications and others easy and fast.


RapidBIT is not a simple downloader. It is a complete suite for searching, downloading and organizing your files.

* Working 100 % with premium and free accounts
* Downloading files from One-Click-Hosters like
* Simultaneous download up to 100 files
* Input a whole list of links at once
* Categories Folder Manager
* Search warez rapid links for Movies, Music, Games, Applications, Erotica, TV Shows, E-books and others
* Media Organizer
* Media Explorer that searches also in all subdirectories (for media files like mp3, avi etc)
* Working with complete database system
* Automatic extractor (RAR files)
* Media Player and Media Preview is embedded for easy and fast organization of your files
* Includes Anonymous Internet Explorer
* Download History reports
* User Roles & User Login
* Database system is also working in network
* Automatic update checks
* Skin chooser and gallery
* Easy to use and absolutely Free!

In the next updates advanced features like below are coming soon:

* AutoDJ playing automatic music
* Cinema player to watch your downloaded movies easily
* Stream Radio Catalogue and Player for all types of music
* Stream TV Catalogue and Player