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Welcome to Noriskinvestment.org 100% Risk-Free!
Noriskinvestment.org (100% Risk-Free) is Autosurf and private group of money creator . We are simple! but Power!. Our mission is to provide our investors with a great opportunity for advertising with profit of their funds also. We are not an instant site or HYIP ( We do not believe in H.Y.I.P. and the systems that 99% of these operators follow.) We are not a high percentage site(100% Risk-Free NOHYIP). Quite simply, we are a sustainable long term advertising site which will indeed be around and We buy, sell, develop and maintain commercial websites! for a very long time.

You have our guarantee for ever 100% Risk-Free!
Yes, we guarantee every external deposit you make into Noriskinvestment.org! You can read why on our FAQ and Terms pages. Noriskinvestment.org is a long term PRIVATE investment program (NOHYIP 100% Risk-Free!). All money deposited will be invested in various online and offline activities on daily basis. Profits from these investments are shared with Members and invested in stable long term investments, to guarantee our program's stability for the long long terms."

As Noriskinvestments.org Work!
Where we invest
We buy, sell, develop and maintain commercial websites and in various online and offline activities on daily basis!
When you invest with noriskinvestments.org, we become stewards of your money, and we take that responsibility very seriously. To make absolutely sure we are serving and protecting your best financial interests, we use a variety of protective tools and mechanisms:
First, we reserve 40% of clients' investments. We do not invest this money; it's used only as insurance against possible negative trading results.
Second, we invest 30 cents of our own money on every dollar you invest. At noriskinvestments.org, we always put your needs ahead of our own. So, the loss from possible unprofitable trading operations is covered by both our own money and the reserve fund's money.
Active Money Management
Our fundamental roots lie in proactive money management. The methods we use to manage your portfolio are unique within the financial services industry. Most advisory firms simply build a diversified portfolio then wait and hope, but noriskinvestments.org actively manages your portfolio on a daily basis. This includes using propriety quantitative models to measure, monitor, adjust and change your investments as market conditions change.
In the financial world, experience and judgment matter more than anything. noriskinvestments.org's team has 2 years of proven success working in all types of market conditions. Since we opened our doors in 2006, we have continually improved our investment methods and client services. When you invest with us, you receive all the benefits and advantages of that experience.

About Autosurf Never a "50/50 Rule" and/or "Active Upgrade" Required Here to Get Paid!!

We Offer Three Advertising Membership Plans:
Free Member
Cost: FREE
Minimized rate: 1
Maximized rate: 1
Min Cashout: $ 0.00
Commissions (1st level): 1%
Minimum Surf Sites : 15 to earn.
Maximum Surf Sites : 30
Maximum Ads Sites : 1
Min Purchase : 0.00$
Withdrawal Fee : 1%
Credits/Unit .1
Active Member

Cost: FREE
Minimized rate: 1
Maximized rate: 1
Min Cashout:$ 0.01
Commissions (1st level): 2%
Minimum Surf Sites : 10 to earn.
Maximum Surf Sites : 20
Maximum Ads Sites : 3
Min Purchase : 5$
Withdrawal Fee : 1%
Credits/Unit 1.5

Cost: FREE
Minimized rate: 1
Maximized rate: 1
Min Cashout:$ 0.01
Commissions (1st level): 3%
Minimum Suf Sites : 5 to earn.
Maximum Surf Sites : 100
Maximum Ads Sites : 10
Min Purchase :100$
Withdrawal Fee : 0,5%
Credits/Unit 2

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