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Welcome to Net Surf Monitor Profit Share!

Do Your Programs Keep Failing or Disappearing?
We have the last perpetual income making program you will ever need! * Real Income Dividends *

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Where you can Earn surf profits Without the surfing. There is "NO" lying, cheating, or stealing here! We have been openly monitoring programs since "2006" earning profits along the way. We would have left long ago but we are still here. It's just Honest Earnings!

Our Alert Pay, Solid Trust Pay , Strict Pay, Pay Pay, and Visa-MasterCard processor accounts are Business Account Bank Verified!

Our site has gotten off to a great start and our membership is growing. Earnings are coming in daily from various processors. Continue to gain referrals in your downlines to boost your profits.

We are compelled to provide a means in the industry for a hassle free earnings. There is NO surfing involved, Pay Outs are automatically placed in your Cash Balances on Fridays for you to Cash Out or Compound on Saturdays at your convenience. Compounding will be allowed the first weekend in the month, If you have a $5 minimum Cash Balance. You can Cash Out Once a week. Cash Outs are Paid within 24 hours or sooner. No delays. 1% cash out fee. 1% Compounding.

We Pay Out more $ in our program, than any other referral program type monitor. 80%, 90% back from your referral account with another monitors, that you still have to surf?, they cant touch $110-365%+ in paybacks with our monitoring program. Our current running average is posted below.

Memberships are the following:
Member - Free You have 30 days to become a Basic Member or you account will be removed.
Basic Member - $5 vested You have a spot in our program as an active member.
Advance Member - $50 vested You are limited of earning relevant special events.
Pro Member - $100 vested There are more earning opportunities with our special events.
Expert Member - $500 vested You will have unlimited access special events our program offers.
Pro Membership and Expert Membership has optional Subscriptions available.

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