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MoneyTired of losing money in high risk, high roi sites?
EasyShareSP has a proven business model that offers members an opportunity to actually earn an online income in the safest way possible. EasyShareAP offers realistic returns and long term goals that no other program can guarantee. EasyShareSP is designed to help members earn the easy way right from their own homes. After registering an account and upgrading (purchasing advertising packs), members can earn up to 10% daily (of their advertising packs) by simply clicking on the surf button and viewing a number of websites just like watching T.V. commercials. At the end of the day members who have viewed the required number of sites will have their accounts credited (12 am server time). Once earnings have appeared members have the option of withdrawing their earnings to their payment processors or compounding their earnings (meaning to purchase more advertising packs using earnings). Upgraded members can also earn 5% referral commissions from their upgraded downlines. An upgrade will finally expire once a total of 120% has been earned on that upgrade.

The majority of surf programs fail simply because they run out of funds to pay their members. Those kinds of program are doomed once outgoing funds begin to exceed incoming funds.

Here at EasyShareAP, that will never happen because the system is designed to equally divide a percentage of earnings to members based on incoming funds. This means members will continue to receive a maximum of 10% daily as long as there are enough funds to maintain that percentage.

If, for example, there is a decline in incoming funds the system will automatically adjust the daily percentage of member's earnings based on the available funds to make sure that there is enough for every member to receive payment without putting any strain on the program. This kind of system allows a program to last indefinitely and run smoothly; and most importantly EVERYONE will get paid.

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