IMHO (in my humble opinion):
DO NOT BUY HOSTING FROM THIS COMPANY. Forewarned is forearmed!
I obtained an account with this 'company' named with Gregory M. Mburu CEO and upon signup upgraded my account.
My website was created, but never worked properly. I was notified by autoresponder of signup, but not of upgrade. After doing all research possible I found the parent was PortalShops and a different individual.
Three days of trying to contact by email and trouble tickets and no response at all. I cancelled my account and cancelled my site.
Note that PayPal took the payment for this and I filed a grievance with them, as I also did with ClickBank. I never heard from ClickBank and PayPal is still working on it. The CBPromoter had previously been discontinued by ClickBank.
No need to lengthen this thread, if you need to do something just do the Poll vote as I won't be watching conversation here. The Poll will allow everyone else viewing this to determine validity.
I have already spent enough time and stress on this one!