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Welcome To Daily Profit Share

Do you have a $10 bill??

Well then use it to get your daily profit share and boost your financial future! Positions are only $10.00! You can buy up to 10,000 positions and watch your money multiply! The more positions you buy, the more you will be paid!

Minimum payout is $25.00 through Alertpay or Paypal. There is a $2.50 admin fee for every purchase to help promote the site and give us some profit too but the remaining $7.50 is divided among 100 members at a time.

For your purchase you will receieve several ebooks available for download in the member's area that contain a wealth of information on several topics. Get your daily profit share today!

Minimum Withdrawal is only $25.00!

Maximum Withdrawal is $5000.00!

Positions are only $10.00 each!

Referral Bonus is 10%


We Accept :

AlertPay, Paypal, and Credit Cards

For more information, visit

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Please do your DD before investing in any program.