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Welcome to **** Surf

We offer advertisers a way to not only advertise to potentially thousands of people interested in your product and/or service, but also a way to recoup some of your advertising costs.

Other sites offer impossible rebates that will force them to close their doors within a couple months. ****-Surf is offering a middle ground in rebates giving our members a safer place to advertise.

We have several different Subscription Levels for each advertiser along with 3 different advertising plans to suit anyone's budget.

Monthly subscription prices are:

Level 1 - $5
Level 2 - $25
Level 3 - $50
Level 4 - $100
Level 5 - $200

Our plans are fairly simple and are an excellent advertising value!

5x30 Surf
5% for 30 days. 150%

5.5x25 Surf
5.5% for 25 days. 137.5%

Non-Surfing Plan
4.5% for 30 days. 135%

All plans automatically go to pending after expire and are processed within 5 business days.

Participating members also receive 3% referral commission for their direct downline.

At this time we accept AlertPay, Solid Trust Pay and StrictPay