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Welcome To AdSurf2Earn

It would be certainly nice if someone takes an extra effort for us, an extra mile in the journey for us.

In case of advertisements the extra effort is obviously the promotion. Assuring the advertiser for the promotions, apart from creating and placing their ads is still a question mark.

Adsurf2earn.com, a proud product of our Click Advert Solutions gives the answer.

This website is another form of our committed online advertising in which advertisements are created and placed in the website followed by the creative concept of returns. This is the Innovation in Indian Internet at its best. Adsurf2earn.com endeavors to place and promote all the products in one umbrella.

AdSurf2Earn is just a "View away".

Click! View!! Earn!!!
More about AdSurf2Earn.com

Click Advert Solutions launches adsurf2earn.com

- The *******ing product of CAS Group.

The logic behind the product is unpredictably a social aspect. Every product has the equal right to be advertised, which is not the case currently. But with Adsurf2earn.com, even the smallest of the small business owner is given the supreme inclination and concern to make his product conspicuous.

Adsurf2earn.com, a product of CAS, simplifies all the E-Trading, E- Business. The myths of those electronic businesses are broken by adsurf2earn.com and it travels in a new Indian way.

Every website needs the hits for which facilities are not available in India. Adsurf2earn.com will strive to achieve it by every means.

Before getting into the business concept, the package definitions should be made clear.


An advertiser has an option

1. He/she can advertise and as well as view and earn for viewing. The package for this plan is as follows:

* 1 Ad pack = 1 Unit value = 1 Rupee.
* 1 Unit Value contains 4 Credits

To explain what adsurf2earn.com is, let us consider the following example. If an advertiser spends Rs.100 for advertising in our website, the company will promote the product and it will also entitle him/her for benefits/rebates. The benefits will be 150% of what he/she spent. In simpler words, along with promoting the product, the advertiser will be given Rs.150. The advertiser is eligible for the benefits, only when he/she becomes the viewer of other advertisements. This concept gives rise to two advantages:

1. Assurance of the ads being viewed
2. No loss occurred to the advertiser.

In this case, the agent (advertiser cum viewer) should view 25 other ads. If the 25 ads are viewed, 1 to 5% of his/her adpack value will be rebated. This rebate value, when it reaches the 150% of adpack value (from 30 to 150 days), that adpack will expire in terms of the commission rates. But the viewer credits will not expire.

This 1 to 5% rates will be calculated from 80% of the company's turnover on that day.
The usage of adsurf2earn.com is categorized as follows:

1. The advertiser first has to sign up for a membership which will appear once you log into the website and you can sign up for free
2. Before signing up the member has to give his/her referral identification (i.e. by whom he/she has been referred) for company's knowledge & clarifications.
3. The member has to give his/her e-mail id in order to check the verification.
4. A maximum credit number of 100 only can be earned by the member till his free duration period lasts.
5. After the member has signed in to the website, his/her account status will remain unverified until his/her verification formalities are done. This means he/she will not be eligible for withdrawal of the money.
6. In the case of unverified status, the member has to scan and submit his/her address proof and photo id.
7. The account of the member is valid only for 30 days.
8. The member has to become company's agent in order sustain his / her membership beyond 30 days. The account will be deleted if he/she does not become company's agent.
9. These above regulations have to be followed without any error or fault by every member who signs up. The company promises to keep members credentials a secret in any circumstances.

Payment Transaction

1. The company has a tie up with itzcash.com for both pay-in and pay-out transactions of the company.
2. Apart from the above said tie-up, ccavenue.com will also be a partner but only for pay-in transactions.

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