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Many Investment sites come and go everyday. reliable Programs are those which are constant. Professional skills , Strategy Planning ,Success Building Makes a Program Stable and Perfect. A Site Admin must be Professional and should know how to Multiply member Investments. If a Program Pays 12% for 12 days (including Principle) which is around 44% Profit to Investor then the paying Admin has to see 100% Gain with received Investments , which could bring 56% Profits. This is the financial Analysis in the Autosurf Industry.

Luxor Film Financing LLC , has been in the film industry since 2001, Financing for movie Producers and making high Profits. Now we have adopted a new Idea in Advertising. We Advertise Movie Official websites and get paid from Producers. We rotate member investments in our financing business and make Profits. This is how we are able to pay 12% Roi for 12 days. Payouts are made weekly once , So our Program is stable.

Imax Surf is an autosurf website that allows its members to earn money by watching a short slide show of 12 Movie websites in autosurf rotation. Our program is similar to your local ********** where you can sit, relax and look at Movie Trailers. The difference between our program and your local ********** is that we pay to you for surfing and watching our advertiser websites, whereas your local TV station allows you to watch for free. We are here to bring you a professional advertising service creating a very effective way. Your earning success will be accomplished by our dedicated staff team who will look after your best interests and also provide you a noticeable profit of 12% per day for 12 days from your upgrade purchase.

12 % 12 Days

Request Cashout every Monday

Payouts are made every Friday for the requests made on Monday

4 % referral commission

minimum upgrade cost $5

maximum upgrade cost $5000

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Please do your DD before investing in any program.