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Welcome to the Sterlingadds.

Thank you for joining us! We are extremely excited to be approaching the formal announcement, of our unbelievable concept. Our program was specifically designed with the professional online entrepreneur in mind. Sterlingadds wants to help you maximize your online earnings while minimizing the time you spend surfing for cash. This program is designed for people who call web promotion and investment programs their primary source of income and more importantly, for those people who would like to. If this sounds like you, sterlingadds is the one program you can't miss out on.

We know that whatever your goals are or whatever you’re looking for; you will find it with us. Many will join Sterlingadds just to take advantage of our wonderful services & Benefits! We will attract thousands of people just based on our products… saving people money and the fact that our products just "make sense". Because of our "make sense" products & concept, it will fuel the MASSIVE income potential if you choose to work this as a business! We have paired this "concept creator" with a compensation Phenomenon! With great experience as both distributors and ****utives in the home business industry, we understand that a unique and rewarding compensation plan is what drives volume, leadership, behavior, and success!

We can honestly say that we have the most aggressive comp plan ever seen... with the least amount of "breakage" in the industry. We have created this plan for the success of our MR'S (Marketing Representatives). If YOU succeed, we as a TEAM succeed! We will be rapidly approaching our pre-launch phase. Take advantage of this "free" soft-launch campaign and build a foundation NOW!
Member Benefits
Free Member Upgraded Member
» Earn by Paid to click
» Earn 1% Reff Comm
» Daily surf upto 15 Sites
» Cashouts on every Saturday with Min $5
» Add upto 2 Sites

» Surf 10 Sites to Earn upto 6% Daily for 25 days
» Earn 4% Reff Comm for 1st level and 1% for 2nd level
» $10 per Adpack unit
» Cashouts on every Saturday with Min $5
» Add upto 10 Sites

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